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Claudia Maria Guenther

… is internationally active within blue chip companies and small and medium sized enterprises in Germany and USA since 1990. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration (Germany) and a Master of Business Administration (USA). As a freelance consultant she managed Change Management projects in the aviation, telecommunication and health industry since 2004.

The capability Ösen lösen, Claudia Maria Guenther has brought it along. She was sensitized for her capability by CQM, Remote Viewing and Silva Mind Control. But her own intrinsic essentiality to solve Ösen/eyelets in the profundity of humans, which inhibits us physically, interpersonal or professional to live the life that we want to live, goes deeper than any acquired knowledge.

In this context, whenever you have the feeling “I think it’s stuck!” then start Ösen lösen/Loosening eyelets with Claudia Maria Guenther.
Redeem easiness in your life with Ösen lösen/Loosening eyelets.