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Pathes to Loosen Eyelets Workshop

The worldwide fastest Change Management

2-Day Workshop in Hamburg, Blankenese

You will be asked to let go all convictions and make room for the unknown. Change from the Newton model of Reality to the Quantum model of Reality and experience it.

Workshop Content:
You may study books and you may have an idea about private and business change management, but at the end if you want to fly an aircraft, you should sit in the cockpit and DO it. When you like to navigate your yacht to the landing stage, you require a sense for the maneuver. Expand your comprehension and the experience how your mind moves matter.

  • You gain access to your 98% UN consciousness to find and resolve debilitating influences within yourself that prevent you from living the life you want to live
  • You realize to what extent your imagination deviates from your attitude and therefore the imagination cannot be realized!
  • You find and solve your own physical, interpersonal, financial, professional and business eyelets, organic, relaxed and gentle
  • Finally, you solve your everyday challenges case-closing with a simple tool suitable for everyday use!
  • You dissolve feelings like fears, worries, hatred, anger and sadness within seconds and clarify them lastingly.
  • You learn to be faster than a software debugger program!
  • You learn how to do root cause analysis, e.g. to find and solve complications in IT databases, change management projects and business processes and you save time, money and nerves for yourself and other people
  • You experience how you connect with the quantum field to change private life situations and promote your professional career
  • You experience personal growth and ease in BEING with the application of Pathes to loosen eyelets!

Who does the exercises after a seminar? And who will pick up a folder again as soon as the seminar is over? Hardly anyone... that’s why this workshop is designed to give the participants experiences directly through the body. – What the body has experienced, it stores and what it has experienced is present and retrievable. Knowledge solves nothing! Pathes to loosen eyelets solves.
Consequently, if you are confronted with the fact that the old pattern no longer work, then you are warmly welcome to this workshop and bring your challenges with you. Use the tools of the 21st century to make private and professional life easy.

The Workshop Leader
Claudia Maria Guenther

…is active in the field of blue chip companies and SMEs in Germany and the USA for more than 26 years. She holds a Dipl.- Betriebswirtin (D) = Bachelor and an MBA (USA). Since 2004, she has been managing change management projects in the aviation industry, telecommunications and healthcare as a freelance management consultant. Since 2010, she has been a business owner of Ösen lösen = Loosening Eyelets.

Workshop-Dates in 2019:

More information and registration:
E-Mail: cmg@oesenloesen.com


Saturday 13. & Sunday 14. April 2019
Saturday 23. & Sunday 24. November 2019
from 09:30 am to 18:00 pm
Check-in is Saturday at 09:00 am


Hamburg Blankenese, Elsa Brändström Haus

Your investment 2019

2.995 € plus VAT.
Early bird: 1.497 € zzgl. MwSt.
For workshop in April to 13.03.2019
For workshop in April to 13.09.2019 

inclusive: seminar documents, water,
4x snacks during breaks and 2x lunch in Hamburg